The all-girl Too Hard crew are back with the teaser for their new movie Tres Hard. Check it above for some trippy all-urban lady-boarding from some of the best in the biz.

The Too Hard girls have never been ones to shy away from a bit of controversy, with previous movies featuring flick knives, guns, booze, some super gnarly slams, as well as healthy helpings of boobs. Their latest offering is equally as out-there and we're just hyped to see a female crew keeping it fresh and breaking out of the cookie-cutter mold that many other female projects are being squeezed into.

Don't miss this one in the fall, it's gonna be bad ass.

Featuring boarder babes Corinne Pasela, Madison Blackley, Danyale Patterson, Leanne Pelosi, Fancy Rutherford, Taylor Elliott, Laura Rogoski, Tove Holmgren, Alexa McCarty and many more.