Here's one of those crowd funded projects that's actually worth a look in for once.

Way back in the mid 90s a group of Norwegians embarked on a film project that would document the legendary Norwegian snowboard scene at the time. For some reason though the film was never completed and now Original Film in association with director Carl Christian Lein Størmer are looking to crowd fund a documentary to bring the footage back to life.

there's always next year

The movie will be called THERE'S ALWAYS NEXT SEASON and in their own words:

"is a film about the snowboard film that never came. Production for "1997 FOREVER" started some time in 1997/98, but no one really knows when or why it ended. The film was set to portray what arguably was one of the most progressive scenes in the world at the time, although barely known to the outside world. The creative epicenter for what some would call the revolutionary local movement was a small snow/skateboarding store, owned by a mysterious character/Godfather/Manager/Coach/Spiritual leader Vegard Scheffler, which spawned internationally renowned snowboarders such as Daniel Mikkelsen and underground local legends such as Stian Tapani Gundersen (who - to our best knowledge - landed the first ever documented cab 1260 in a contest in 1997 (!)), Roy Olsen and Stian Skjærvik."

The film will feature the riding of Stian Tapani Gundersen, Roy Olsen, Daniel Mikkelsen, Stian Skjærvik, Ronny Olsen, Mikael Bones Olsen, Lars Moltzau and more and will feature interviews with Terje Haakonsen, Mike McEntire, Mike Hatchett, Jerry Dugan, Jamie Mosberg, Danny Larsen, Andreas Wiig, Torstein Horgmo, Gjermund Braaten and many more.

If you like what you see and read, head over to where you can find out more, and contribute to the project. The campaign starts January 17th and goes on for 60 days 'till March 18th.