Lucas Debari has been exploring the immense terrain of Mica, BC this winter and took some heavy ragdolls on near vertical pillow lines before finding his legs, stomping his line and ripping everything around him.

Check out this short clip of Lucas which acts as a tease for the full Greenland expedition dropping in the fall. How gnarly is that pillow line?

A little ragdolling can go a long way. Team snowboarder Lucas Debari shares on exploring the tall and complex pillow stacks of Mica, B.C. backcountry.

This backcountry camping and riding trip to Mica was the brainstorm of Debari. It's the prequel to his current Greenland expedition - another trip that incorporates skiers and snowboarders, camping, hiking, and filming (by a team from Sherpas Cinema) to illustrate the common denominators that everyone shares regardless of their niche or experience level. Stay tuned for more from the Greenland expedition, coming fall 2014.