After a massive avalanche, the staff of Twin Pines Ski Resort begin to receive reports of missing people and creatures that move beneath the snow. As the body count slowly begins to pile up, the management tries to cover up the situation, which eventually leads to disaster on their busiest day of the year: Bikini Snow Day.

Avalanche Sharks is the follow up to Sand Sharks (2011), and will, on top of improving your film literacy by approximately 0.0002%, instill the fear of being chomped by snow-dwelling fishies into you. Jaws ain't got a patch on a snow shark.

We'd been waiting for the gloriously low budget, intentionally crap, Hulk Hogan's daughter starring teaser to drop and seeing as it's tenuously snowboard related, we thought we'd share it with you. Oh, and is that Victor de le Rue at 00:22?