The Headstones are a heavy new snowboard crew out of Canada who will be dropping their new movie of the same name this fall. Check the teaser above and get hyped, because this looks legit.

French Canadians have a ripe old history of churning out some incredible urban snowboarders - not to mention the amazing snowboard movies that have come with them. From Deja Vu to Brothers Factory, The Headstones have certainly got a lot to live up to.

Thankfully, judging by the teaser, these guys have got one hell of a movie in store for us. Big, burly urban snowboarding from a bunch of dudes who you may not have heard of yet, but you'll do well remembering. We're hyped to see this one.

The Headstones features Mammouth Durette, S├ębastien Picard, Maxime Desroches, Vincent Grandmaison, Michel Gr├ęgoire, J.P. Morin, Francis Bernard, Francis Lachance & Olivier Chabot.