With no Isenseven movie dropping this fall, a big vacuous hole has opened up for crews looking to fly the flag for upbeat, well produced, snowboard eye-candy. The Army, an Austrian crew, could be the one to do it. Check out the teaser for 'Attack' above!

The Army have pulled through with a pretty damn rad looking teaser here. In terms of riding they've got all the bases covered, with street spots, pow slashes and park kickers all thrown into the mix.

The teaser itself is beautifully shot and produced, with timelapses and lifestyle shots breaking up the action perfectly and a mellow, upbeat tune giving us that definite isenseven vibe.

For a relatively unknown bunch of snowboarders, this is looking very promising indeed. Featuring the riding of: Philip Toplitsch, Daniel Vonach, Dominik Metzler, Christian Geiger, Marc Schumy and Georgi Mihaylov. A film by Adam Graf.