The Taco Trip crew out of Sweden have been dropping super fun webisodes all season and now present the teaser for their brand new full-length snowboard movie 'Buffet', set to drop right here at this fall.

Despite a challenging season for street snowboarding in most parts of Scandinavia, Taco Trip went against all the odds in 2014, assembling a tight-knit group of friends to the lead the urban charge in Sweden.

Taco Trip is Ludwig Lejkner, Zebbe Landmark, Jonathan Lindhe and friends, and with many of the guys' former movie crews not deciding to make a movie this winter, these three decided to take matters into their own hands and make their own.

From the look of the teaser, and from the webisodes that have been dropping all season, 'Buffet' is shaping up to be one of the most legit snowboard movies out of Scandinavia in the coming winter, featuring a hefty slice of street spots, some big booter park action, and the light-hearted good vibes that Ludde and his homies bring to everything they do.

Don't miss the full movie dropping right here at in the fall.

Featuring Ludde Lejkner, Zebbe Landmark, Jonathan Lindhe, Sparrow Knox, Niels Schack, Niklas Mattsson, Erik Karlsson and friends.

Film and edit: Dennis Ylikangas