Europe's tastiest tacos are back with the teaser for their brand new full length movie, 'Bees Knees', and it looks set to be a worthy follow up to Taco Trip's inaugural offering, 'Buffet'.

The Taco Trip crew out of Sweden have been flying the flag for Scandinavian street snowboarding for the past couple of seasons, and off the back of their successful first movie 'Buffet', are dropping their new one 'Bees Knees' in the fall.

Featuring some of the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to Euro rail wizardry - the likes of Sparrow Knox, Ludwig Lejkner, Jonathan Lindhe, Kareem El-Rafie, Niels Schack, Felix Engström and a bunch of homies, this is going to be one of the must-watch movies this autumn.

From Taco Trip: We are very proud to present the teaser for our second upcoming full length snowboard movie! Along with Analog Clothing and Picture Organic Clothing we have made a journy through Sweden, Canada, Polen and more. Dropping this fall!