Get a load of this new teaser from Strange Brew, featuring a bunch of lovable dirtbags embarking on a road trip of epic proportions across the United States.

From the streets of Minnesota, Massachusetts and Michigan, to the backcountry around Lake Tahoe, the Strange Brew crew hit the road last winter to log shots for their new movie 'Serious Delirium'.

Check out the teaser above for a look at what we can expect in the full movie. From the looks of it this will be a high quality, low-key production with some top-notch street snowboarding from some of serious US up-and-comers, although we have to admit, we're sad to see that Tommy Gesme doesn't star in this one. Still, don't miss it!

Featuring: Jasper Tripp, Ian Daly, Chad Blau, Nate Blomquist, Hunter Murphy, Craig Cameron, Keenan Cawley, and Strangers.