This collective of class A riders just dropped the teaser for their third movie, R3Boot. Ultraboarding, funboarding, rad angles and brutal slams, ahoy!

As Torstein's hype man, Dex Carrington, says at the end of this teaser for R3Boot: "You know what the most unacceptable thing is? They're enjoying their job."

Call it a Shmotivator, or how about Funspiration? Shred Bots Presents yet another fun focused power jam of a full-length brain hurricane. Get hyped, strap in and hold on, your shred fix is here, this is R3BOOT!


Torstein Horgmo, Craig McMorris, Brage Richenberg, Werni Stock, Mark Sollors, Anto Chamberland, Josh Carreola, Nik Baden, Kyle Mack, Brandon Davis.