Whilst Sarka Pancochova and Cheryl Mass' 'Shark Tales' might sound like a dodgy Disney knockoff, it's actually a teaser for a new web series focusing on the fair dames of ladies' snowboarding. The full series will be dropping in autumn 2015, but they've dropped a wee teaser of things to come.

Sarka's been off the map a little this season with only a few contest appearances since her helmet shattering experience of Sochi last year. What's competitive snowboarding's loss, is filming's gain though - and it looks like she's been on the road stacking up shots for the series, as well as smashing a few more helmets on the way.

Apart from being one of the best female riders of all time, being the first lady to land a 900 in competitive snowboard history and haul a massive a bounty of competition trophies this season; Cheryl's managed to find time to film with Sarka for the project, which judging from the teaser, looks like a damn good 'un.

It's rad to see the ladies of snowboarding filming; in our interview with Spencer O'Brien, she lamented the state of female films, but with projects in the works like this, we hope to see female riders back in the works.