Think Thank have leaked Sam Hulbert's full part from their all-new movie Brain Dead Heart Attack. Strictly speaking, it didn't leak onto our website, but who cares, it's great stuff and everyone should watch it. Also, go and buy the whole clip on iTunes - see link below!

Think Thank's tenth video "Brain Dead Heart Attack" is out today in shops, shipping direct from or on iTunes (! To celebrate we're leaking Sam Hulbert's full part! Sam is an all terrain ripper that has been filming with Think Thank for five years. Usually splitting his time heavily between contests and filming, this season he buckled down and focused more on filming. From the streets of his Massachusetts home all the way across to the Chugach mountains of Alaska, triple kinks and triple helicopters, all while having a squawking good time. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Sam Hulbert.

"Brain Dead Heart Attack" is two movies squashed together in to one 46 minute maelstrom. To get the BlueRay DVD combo pack with an hour of bonus footage head to your local shop or visit:

Or download on iTunes right now!