have dropped the teaser for their new Les 2 Alpes mini-movie 'Slashes & French Pashes' and it looks like it'll be packed with some hammer tricks, slush slashes and plenty of randomness.

When they're not falling off deckchairs at the top of halfpipes or ingesting spaghetti snowballs, Alex Stewart and the Rusty Toothbrush dudes are out and about wherever they can get on snow.

With Plastic Polar bears, Smoking Croissants, Italian Models and more bangers then you'll find on a South African BBQ, we are proud to present Slashes & French Pashes

This summer they set up camp on the Les 2 Alpes glacier in France to ride and shoot footage for their new mini-movie 'Slashes & French Pashes'.

From the look of the teaser, the movie will be part hammer tricks (don't miss the one-foot nosegrab frontflip, or the heel side-slip boardslide to backflip) and part random funny shit, and we have to say that this got us really hyped to go snowboarding up on the pre-season glaciers in a couple weeks time.

Look out for the full movie dropping in November!

Riders: Alex Stewart, Gian Marco Maiocco, Bibi Maiocco, Pasquale Mayo Gentile, Daniele Colturi, Giacomo G B Errichiello & Davide Liberatore.