Watch what the UK's Route One team got up to when they headed out on a road trip across the littler pond to Europe.

As we all now know courtesy of Rome Snowboards, road trips never fail, and this is exactly the mentality that the UK's Route One team when embarking on a trip to snowboard across Europe.

After piling into a motorhome and setting off from London, Cody Heirons, Rowan Biddiscombe, Si Belson and Will Radula-Scott headed deep into the Alps for some on-the-continent park shralping in Switzerland, Italy and Austria - a far cry from the indoor slopes that these guys are more routinely used to hitting up.

By the looks of the teaser, they lucked out with some decent weather and pristine parks, so be sure to check out the full part 1 edit when it drops on the 20th October, with part 2 following after on the 20th November.

Filmed and edited by Ben Marshall.