Rough Snowboards have dropped the teaser for their new team movie 'Roughcut' featuring some rough and raw snowboarding from a talented crew of Euro rippers.

No bullshit, no multinational companies, no million dollars, only real people, so much heart, passion, friendship and desire to have fun with friends.

In a day and age when high production values, slick cinematography and fancy editing can sometimes distract from the actual snowboarding, it's sick to see a team movie that strips all of that away to just present the energy of snowboarding in its raw, untampered form.

And with some solid street snowboarding from the likes of Jessi Blackwell and Øivind Fykse, this is one full movie we'll definitely be checking out this November.

Featuring: Jessi Alfredo Blackwell, Juan Polanco, Øivind Fykse, Eric Harc, Ben Poechman, Tato Chiala and friends.

The full 'Roughcut' movie will drop in November.