Sure, there's sadly some skitarding in this but we love Nils Arvidsson's style so fuck it.

It's the driving force that lead to the creation of Rip Curl. It's all about pure Searching for powder and enjoying the beautiful ride along the way.

This clip sums up that deep rooted sense of exploration and desire and invites you in for a deeper look, for and at yourself...

w/ Marion Haerty, Olya Smeshlivaya, Kristiina Nyman, Jessy Brown, Lucile Lefevre, Sam Favret, Emilien Badoux, Nate Johnstone, Nils Cobra Arvidsson, Raphael Webhofer, Simon d'Artois, Harry Pettit, Mitch Reeves, S├ębastien Konijnenberg, Carlos Gerber, Mathias Weissenbacher, Nathan Gaidet