Daaaaaamn this is cool...

We've been keeping a keen eye on Red Bull's Double Halfpipe competition for a while now and now that it's drawing close, we've just seen the first footage of the riders in practice!

And while we might not be seeing the multi-flipping pipe-to-pipe transfers that the rowdy mob so desperately want - this initial footage is still frickin' RAD!

Obviously it's going to take a bit of getting used to, but we seriously can't get enough of this whole 'mixing up traditional format' thing - and off the back of the Arctic Challenge last weekend, here's hoping that this is a further sign of things to come!

The competition on this beast is due to go down in Aspen, Colerado this weekend - from the 22nd to the 23rd of March - and here's who's lined up to hit it:

Greg Bretz

Kent Callister

Danny Davis

Benji Farrow

Ben Ferguson

Gabe Ferguson

Taylor Gold

Christian Haller

Scotty James

Nathan Johnstone

Markus Keller

Scotty Lago

Arthur Longo

Alek Oestreng

Jake Pates

Louie Vito