Premiering in Laax on 16th December, Mindset Prdctns "A love like mine is hard to find" promises to be a top notch piece of arthouse movie making.

Heavy bass synth? Check.

Dude smoking? Check.

Super 8 footy? Check.

Dude smoking in Super 8? Check.

Legit street rails? Check.

Airport shots? Check.

Black and white powder butters? Check.

Star trails? Check.

A nice font? Check.

Switzerland, you've done it again!

Starring: Elio Fumagalli, Lou Staub, Florian Fischer, David Djite, Dario Burch, Jeron Lohner, Joel Staub, Adrian Oesch, Gregor Betschon, Max Wettstein & Florian Arnold.