Smith have been working on their Prospecting Idaho web series for a couple of seasons now, but in case you’re out the loop here is a little reminder.

Smith Optics is located in the heart of Idaho where they don't pretend to be from someplace else, this is their home, and they're keeping it real in their backyard. They’ve got a secret R&D (research and development) powder paradise nestled somewhere around their HQ in Idaho where, throughout the winter, their team of pros visit and ‘assist with product development’. That R&D looks a hell of a lot like stomping the shit out of pow to us.

The teaser is featuring Smith homies Sammy Luebke, Wyatt Caldwell, Mark Carter, Shayne Pospisil, Kyle Clancy, Yancy Caldwell, Spencer Cordovano, Nate Farrell, Jeremy Black, Pat Lee.