'On Our Grind' is a brand new video project from Canadian apparel and outerwear brand Nomis Design.

And while Canadians love their hockey, poutine and say 'eh' a lot, they're also pretty good when it comes to snowboarding on handrails in the streets. Here's what Simon Chamberlain had to say about it the project:

My Brother and I are making a web series with Nomis on 3 cities in Canada and shredding with homies and new kids coming up in the streets.

On Our Grind will feature the snowboarding of Simon Chamberlain, Blair McKinney, Jordan Phillips, Trint Thomas, Danny Glibota, Jonat Ste-Marie and friends, and Calgary, Toronto and Montreal will each have their own webisodes.

If the teaser is anything to go by, this is going to be tight!