Last winter, Nike Snowboarding did not shoot for one but two team movies. The first will be your classic part by part banger flick, the other a behind the scenes look into snowboarding. They share the same name and will e called Never Not Part 1 & 2. It also seems there will be loads of webisodes dropping this fall, as you can already tell from the movie website Here's a short ad for the whole campaign, and from the look of it the snowboard world can be excited. The teaser will apparently drop soon, and the full flicks in autumn of 2013.

Rider's we've spotted in this teaser are Nicolas Müller, Halldor Helgason, Justin Bennee, Jess Kimura, Austin Smith, Jed Anderson, Gigi Rüf (this is how you spell it, Nike!), Spencer O'Brien... but we're sure it features most of their team.

Weirdest of all: You can watch the whole thing in 3D, which means Nike set out to revive the dead genre that is 3D action films.