Featuring the finest of amateur talent that Switzerland has to offer, Mandala is the latest feature flick from a crew spanning the width and length of the alpine state. May we add that we say amateur talent in the loosest of terms possible.

Featuring Adrian Oesch, Andreas Walker, Florian Arnold, Cedric Gisler, Arda Serce, David Djite, Severin van der Meer, Leandro Eigensatz, Max Wettstein, Pat Burgener, Jeron Lohner, Flavio Pfister, Lou Staub, Marco Aellig, Andreas Iseli, Gregor Betschon, Thomas Land and Lukas Blume, there's more than one rider on that roster that deserves a higher accolade than 'AM'.

Filmed on their home turf in Switzerland, alongside some inner-city explorations in Finland; we've got high hopes for the full version of Mandala, which will be dropping in the coming weeks.