LOVE Distribution have just dropped the teaser for their brand new team movie 'Loveolution 6', featuring the LOVE 'Allstars' and a bunch of homies getting wild in the Alps and beyond!

Austrian homie Seppi Scholler has an apparel brand called LOVE, who for the past few years, has been dropping movies featuring his team riders doing their thing.

This year's line up is one of the most solid to date, featuring the likes of Marc Swoboda, Olympians Anna Gasser, Clemens Schattschneider and Mathias Weissenbacher and all-round bosses Markus Keller and Seth Hill.

LOVE have continued their tradition of including some mighty fine acting in the teaser with Seppi revealing some unsettling news as dictated by tarot cards, to the quivering wreck that is Marc Swoboda... it's brilliant stuff.

The premiere for Loveolution 6 will go down on the 24th October (check out the Facebook event for it here) and take a look at the flyer for the event below.

Featured riders: Marc Swoboda, Anna Gasser, Markus Keller, Clemens Schattschneider, Dominik Wagner, Seth Hill, Mathias Weissenbacher, Matevz Pristavec, Thomas Feurstein, Moritz Kaufmann, Clemens Millauer, Philipp Kundratiz, Simon Gschaider, Mike Casanova, Kurt Rubik, Seppi Scholler, Roger Silva, Diego Cano, Joakim Poijo, Denis Cuerdo.

Loveolution 6 premiere flyer