Check out the teaser for a new movie out of Japan. LB Sunday stands for 'Light Butter Sunday' and it's the perfect name for this movie. Hit play for some awesome flatground moves from this Japanese crew.

It's a well known fact that the Japanese are big fans of flatground tricks. From entire trick-tip movies dedicated to buttering to this slightly weird video, we've seen plenty of pressy manoeuvers out of the land of the rising sun over the years.

This new movie from LB Sunday fits the bill perfectly with some jibbing, tail taps, presses, laybacks and reverts. The vimeo description was all in Japanese but from what we can tell, these guys are all about keeping it loose and stylish in the parks and we're down with their laid back approach to riding.

It brings us back to the days when buttering played a big part in snowboard movies and it certainly looks like a fun time!

Featuring: Yuta Nakayama, Hironari Yanagisawa, Makoto Takeda, Yuma Yodoshi, Yuichiro Kumazaki, Akira Hasegawa, Atsushi Agatsuma, Yuu Tateno, Naoto Kamimura, Maiko Matsuda, Megumi Suzuki, Mark Oguro, Kasandra Lynn, Wan Heo, Tyler Lynch, Lenny Mazzotti, Justin Mulford, Jordan Wells, Brenton Aikin, Andrew Parsons, Alex Hereford, Collin Lucier.