Our Finnish homies at KBR Productions have just dropped the teaser for their 10th movie, entitled King Cobra. It's HEAVY.

The boys have come a long way since their started out in 2004 as teenagers Petrus Koskinen and Toni Kerkelä buddied up to knock together ghetto-cam edits of their crew's exploits in the Finnish backwater of Jyväskylä. A decade later they've become known for showcasing some of the best riders from Finland, travelling the length and breadth of Scandinavia - and beyond when budgets allow - to document heavy downtown hits, park sessions and backcountry exploits.

Here's what the fellas have to say:

"This is the trailer of our 10th snowboarding movie KING COBRA. It will be a classic snowboarding movie with KBR’s own twist. The season 2013-2014 was a really hard one because of the worst snow conditions in northern Europe we have ever witnessed. We had to travel up north to Finnish Lapland countless times to get things done. Some of the riders went for a long trip to Canada where a lot of stuff was done with the french ripper Niels Shack who is a new addition to our crew. We also managed to make a trip to the Alps to get some backcountry shots for the movie. The season ended up being an adventure which all of us will remember for a lifetime. We are extremely proud that we made it and we can offer you our tenth movie KING COBRA. Full movie will be online in November 2014."

Presented by Battery Energy Drink & Levi Ski Resort.

In association with Dye, Burton, DC, K2, Rip Curl & Basso.

Riders: Antti Jussila, Niels Shack, Petrus Koskinen, Elias Veijola, Janne Lipsanen, Toni Kerkela, Niko Lansio, Jani Sorasalmi, Sami Luhtanen, Teo Konttinen & Zakke.

A film by Petrus Koskinen

Filming by Näämeli, Gus Tible & Jon Vital

Music supervising by Zakke

Graphic design by Jari Salo

Trailer song:

Pietarin Spektaakkeli - Poliisi


Instagram: @kbrcrew

Facebook: facebook.com/kbrproductions