Looks like there's gonna be some HEAVY shredding in the second season of John Jackson's web series...

No doubt about it, the first season of John Jackson's The Book of John J was VERY Red Bull. By which we mean it was aimed squarely at the more mainstream, channel-hopping folk that visit redbull.tv for their occasional dose of EXXXTREME.

However, amongst the voiceovers, close-ups and bouts of deep-thinking, there was nevertheless a wealth of insane riding from John and his crew. The dude's been sending it hard for years and shows no sign of slowing down.

This new season looks more of the same; the chat from the Bull sets out their stall : "Egos are destroyed, new levels of sport are reached, and enlightenment is the goal." But for all the kookiness that goes with making something speak a little to the masses, we reckon this will be certainly worth tuning into because most of the riding in this teaser is straight BONKERS.