Our Spanish homies in the JKD crew just blasted us the teaser/intro for their brand new movie 'Overdose'. These kids crank it up to 10!

The JKD boys have been killing it for a while now, with some of the absolute finest street riding we've seen out of Spain, and 'Overdose' looks set to continue that trend. Heavy kink rails, fluid lines through the streets and flawless style come together in a teaser that has us absolutely frothing for the full movie.

Hit play now and stay tuned for more 'Overdose' coverage right here on Onboardmag.com

The new JKD movie starring: Marc Salas, Fran Massaguer, Juan Polanco, Pepe Sanchez, Roberto Carlos Menacho "Pepino", David Lopez-Mateos "Yopis", Matias Ian, Jaime Castro, Jonathan Lindhe, Mat Schaer, Bryan Longley, Lorenzo Ruiz. OVERDOSE no better feling than dying from what we love.