Spain may not be a country that you regularly associate with shit-hot urban snowboarding, but Spanish crew JKD are certainly bringing the heat with the teaser for their brand new movie Finisterre.

Finisterre comes from latin and means "the end of the land." We come from Spain, the finisterre of snowboarding. Although the center can´t be seen from the edge, the only thing the edge wants is to expand its borders.

Finisterre looks like it will be a proper showcase of the breadth and depth of talent that the Spanish snowboard scene has to offer, and we have to admit that there is some really sick stuff in this teaser. Finisterre drops in the autumn and will feature Marc Salas, Fran Massaguer, Jose Sánchez, Matias Ian, Lorenzo Ruiz, Roberto Carlos Menacho, Bryan Longley, Josep Falgá, Eduard Barniol, Juan Polanco, Borja España, Iker Fernández, Jaime Castro, David Lopez-Mateos and friends.