Yorkshireman Jamie Nicholls is such a big deal over in the UK that Sky have gone and made a whole TV show on him! Check out the teaser here.

In all seriousness though, Jamie is the perfect role model for kids over in the United Kingdom, and across Europe for that matter. From stomping triple corks and cab 14s to placing 6th at the Olympics in Sochi, Jamie has come a huge way against the odds since he was sliding down a plastic slope everyday as a wee nipper. If he can make it, everyone can.

From what we can gather, 'Forged in Steel' will look at Jamie's roots at his home dryslope of Halifax before following him on a journey snowboarding around the UK and over here on the continent in Europe. It premieres at 7pm on Sky Sports 4 in the UK on the 15th September.

Rumour has it that Jamie also shot a top to bottom run through the entire grounds of Hemel snow centre of all places, which should be pretty damn cool to watch if nothing else!