This Russian company, Joint Snowboards, just dropped the teaser to their new movie, Inside Out. It's looking good, and promises to "tell everything as really is".

We are happy to announce one of the most tough films we ever produced. Now after month of struggle and injuries we finally made it. In the film you will see all the things that happened to us and our company Joint Snowboards over the last winter season. We rethought the standard snowboard movie and tried to give you an insight into our daily life. It's not just tricks, it's also about us, Siberian snowboarders how we really are, Inside Out.

Riders: Abramov Slava, Avdeev Dima, Batmanov Alex, Chebanov Egor, Demina Anna, Kimina Christina, Kordonets Sergey, Korniltsev Arseny, Morgun Ivan, Natasha Danilova, Nikolay Grinev, Polina Naumova, Salomatov Ilya, Smurov Igor, Suhomesov Vitaly, Verkhoturov Ilya