Check out the second teaser for East Coast US crew, Ice Coast Kills Shit's new movie 'Knucklehead'.

Over in the giant country that is 'Merica, folk get all riled up about which side of the country they're from. Rappers shoot at each other because of it, politicians adapt their policies and promotional tours based on it and snowboarders bicker about it.

While the West Coast is a land celebrated for its high mountains, expansive parks and deep powder, the East Coast (sorry, Ice Coast) is perpetuated by bulletproof snow and shitty weather.

But rather than bitch about it or move out West, the dudes in ICKS have embraced their set of lesser circumstances and are making the best of it. The second teaser for 'Knucklehead' (check out the first one here) embodies the truest sense of what snowboarding is about: not taking yourself too seriously and having a laugh.

This looks epic and we're looking forward to checking it out when it drops this summer.