Comin' in hot off the heels of last year's critically acclaimed 'Knucklehead', Ice Coast Kills Shit are back with the teaser for their new snowboarding masterpiece, 'HOW YA DOIN'. These guys do it right!

The Ice Coast Kills Shit crew out of New York State are always ones to watch when it comes to loose, fast paced, creative snowboarding that manages to entertain just as much as it impresses.

Last year's 'Knucklehead' took snowboarding's internet by storm, and 'HOW YA DOIN' looks set to continue the trend of funny skits, frantic park and street riding, and general mish-mash of east coast goodness.

From the beer bong snowboard, to the backpack rail, to the intro skit, we're looking forward to seeing exactly how much randomness and sick stuff these guys can cram into a snowboard movie this fall.