Honestly, we don't really know what to expect from these guys but the teaser looks fun! Here is a couple words from the crew itself:

'The Crew of many, on the road in the sprinter, out to show that the Midwest is a place to be.'

'Many Midwest riders and a few regional reps are on the road to push a movement, a chance to show that the Midwest is a place to ride. From tow rope country, to the backcrountry of the midwest. Showing you that you can find it all here instead of leaving it. Here lies your next destination spot. It's all right here, and we are out to show you everything we find.'

Featuring Alek Binder, Joey Peterson, Dan Copeland, Chris Brewer, Jasper Alford, Stephan Jende, Cole Linzmeyer, Cody Prudoehl and Dan Vinzant.

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