From the makers of Smoke Signals, comes the new movie by (and starring Zach Rawles). Halladangus will be dropping onto your screens in the fall and looks hella solid.

Zach Rawles has been on quite the editing mission over the past few weeks. The day after dropping his edit from Breck closing day, here he is with a legit movie teaser for Halladangus. Zach has once again assembled a stacked crew of heavy hitters for his latest urbancentric snowboard movie and fans of his previous offering Smoke Signals (watch that one in full here) will be doing well to check this one out too.

Featuring Josh Bishop, Zach Rawles, Kyle Hay, Max Bigley, Josh Boeser, Chris Sypert, Dillon Smidt, Austin Julik-Heine, Dylan Alito & Friends.