I am guessing this is the teaser for an eductional Japanese video on snowboard flat tricks called "Ground Master". It is strangely mesmerising to watch and listen to, and it features some of the better known Japanese snowboaders like Kohei Kudo.

Maybe this is totally wack and I am just foggy-brained. Let us know in the comments or send us some hate email.

Now go check last year's Flat 2 teaser... pretty similar awesomeness.

Title: ground master ground Master

Release Date: 2013/08/23

main volume Duration: 35 minutes

Price including tax: ¥ 3,500

Based on the ground-trick, and carving the basis of riding

has been described, such as wave, how to play the piste terrain, new sense of live type snowboard

howto dvd.

Kudo Kou flat (salomon), Ishibashi one (surge) slip, of course, the riders with a good reputation for style, the rider as a guest rider Nakamura, Takayuki (allian), Harada Masaomi (head), also Maehara Yamato (head),

Ski-to-door I lecture graphics but interwoven, riding techniques terrain play.

What is not fit to frame mere howto, and incorporate plenty of footage of rider looking at and take Hey, can enjoy riding as a movie.mc sports mc Ally who are active various tournaments, such as events. I record the image of the holy bowly2013 the bonus track.

In addition, dvd deals and is also shooting location at this time as this dvd Limited, ground master original special discount ticket Kawaba, Snow Park Oze Tokura, the Houdaigi ski area that contains.


Takayuki Nakamura (allian), Masaomi Harada (head), Maehara Yamato (head), Kudo Kou flat (salomon), Ishibashi one (surge)

Cameo appearance

Koji Nakai (salomon), Toshiki Yamane (ride)

Ground Master Production Committee