Jamie Durham and the Grindhouse posse are back with a healthy serving of UK and Nordic noir. Filmed across Europe, it's a veritable platter of diverse Euro talent holding it down with the full film in turbulent times for most production outfits.

Taking a smidgen of 'True Life' and a serving of Benedek's 'Afterbang', the Grindhouse familia have taken it upon themselves to call their latest flick 'Afterlife' in a homage to some early 00's movies. We actually have no idea whether this is true or not, and we're gonna go with the fact that it probably isn't.

Starring the likes of Andy Nudds, Janne Lipsanen, Antti Jussila, Jonny Pickup, Zakke, Petrus Koskinen, Jamie Nicholls & Niko Länsiö; we're pretty much assured a wide range of the snowboard spectrum.

With Petrus, Niko, Antti and Janne repping it for Finland, there'll be midnight urban missions in downtown Helsinki, balanced out (by the looks of it) a backcountry segment from Jamie in the Alps.

We were hyped to have the Grindhouse crew out with us in Levi, for the Send Off Session, and if you're frothing to catch a little more 9 Mill magic, check out their edit from the session here.