A story normally dreamt up in the backrooms of a Walt Disney writing room has its own place in snowboarding through Brolin Mawejje, and his journey from the capital of Uganda, to the capital of backcountry riding in Jacksons Hole, Utah.

We've been keeping on top of Brolin's project Far From Home, for a while now and it seems the feature/documentary film is almost finished and ready for viewing.

The film tells the story of Brolin Mawejje, a Ugandan born snowboarder attempting to be the first Ugandan snowboarder in the 2018 Olympics in South Korea. As well as trying to compete in what is arguably the battleground for the most elite winter sport athletes in the world, Brolin's also studying to become a surgeon. Puts us all to shame really.

The two year film project documents his work to found the Ugandan Ski Federation, in his first visit to his birthplace since he moved to America as a child to live with his mother at the age of 11.

Including some cameos from Gold toting cat Sage Kotsenburg, and Jackson Hole/snowboard legend Travis Rice, it looks like this one could be a tear-jerker.

The full-movie is set to drop soon, you can head over to the website to learn more about the project and keep up to date with any rumblings from the crew.