Check out the teaser for a brand new snowboard movie dropping this fall from an eclectic group of riders from Canada, USA and Switzerland. 'East to West' definitely looks set to have a heavy street focus and the riding looks on-point!

While the crew doesn't have a definitive name just yet, 'East to West' is a collaborative effort from some talented up-and-comers and is definitely one to check out when it drops in the autumn.

Highlights in the teaser include the big pole-jam backflip over the road gap, as well as the kink rail to chain link fence transfers, but in all honesty, there's a whole lot of good stuff to check out here.

« a new generation of snowboarder

who has been inspired by an old one and

who hopes to inspire the next one »

Featuring: Simon Martel, Drayden Gardner, Tim Bouvette, Jed Sky, Francis-Olivier Jutras, Christopher Houle, Julien Emch, Philipe Dubois, David Gauthier

Directed by a snowboarder and cinematographer. Riders from three different countries. Filmed in Canada, U.S.A and Switzerland.

Filmed by: Tim Bouvette, Roserens Julien, Jules Guarneri and all snowboarder.

Edited by Tim Bouvette, Directed by Tim Bouvette