Italian snowboard outfit Different Vision Production have just dropped the teaser for their brand new snowboard movie 'Octopus'. If you like watching street snowboarding that'll get your bolognese bubbling, you're not going to want to miss this.

Octopuses are totally badass. They're super smart, can squeeze into really tight spaces, have eight tentacles and are covered in suction cups that they can use to suck your face off. It would have totally made sense if there were eight riders in this new movie from DVP, but knowing that Italians are pretty down with the Octopi, we'll let it slide.

Eight legged cephalopod molluscs aside, the new teaser from DVP is straight fire, bringing together some of the best snowboarders Italy has to offer, along with a couple of wildcards (Norwegian Oivind Fykse for example).

As a Videograss approved production, you can be pretty sure that this one is going to be up to scratch, and if the action in the teaser is anything to go by we whole heartedly agree: heavy street spots, great style and an aesthetic to match. If this is a showcase of the future of Italian urban snowboarding, we think the future is in safe hands.

Look out for the full Octopus when it drops this fall.

Featuring: Nicolo’ Pezzato, Max Zebe, Juan Polanco, Oivind Fykse, Marco Grigis, Gianmarco Maiocco, Nejc Pucko, Stefano Bergamaschi, Daniele Colturi, Nejc Ferjan and Friends