The teaser for the 'In the Dutch Mountains' film has just dropped from a crew hailing from the flatlands of The Netherlands (surprisingly). With a large majority of the Onboard editorial team hailing from the Kingdom of Dryslope, we've got a lot of time for edits coming out from the domes. We must say though, this looks to indoor riding as Art of Flight did to backcountry.

We were half expecting for some heli tracking shots in this teaser, but we'd imagine that'd be a bit of a health and safety nightmare. The documentary style film will be dropping later this winter with some of the finest Dutch talent in the game including whippersnapper Max De Vries of Postland Theory fame.

We must say in all of our geeky wisdom, this teaser looks like it has more production value than a Steven Spielberg trilogy. Lovely colour grading, beautifully panned shots and spot lighting tracking the riders. It even looks like there's lights attached to the rails. We're super excited to see the full feature when it drops and you should to.