Check out a new park and urban heavy teaser out of Japan. These guys have got good style!

We've seen some super solid snowboarding out of Japan this season and the new Dirty Pimp teaser is no exception. Featuring a whole bunch of stylish park and urban snowboarding, this one is worth bookmarking for when it drops in the fall.

Our Japanese is still all but a little rusty, but thanks to the wonders of Google's translating supercomputer, we can let you know that this:







Means this gobbledegook:

DVD of DirtyPimp to be five of his in the current fiscal year "CruisiN'2". Recommended to the one that is greedy street also park also want to see! This year, I've moved around the young. I want you to come and watch their slip with the force. The must-see how to sink it was taken after a long time, the Park of a professional K-Dow!! Bonus, will deliver picture full of slip events and Guratori, and Skate.

Featuring: K-Dow, Masato, Ryoki, 34, Ryusei, Hiro, Mick, UMA

MA$AKI, Shoma, Michael, Shunshi, Karin, Yutaro, and more...