In the scheme of things, Spanish riders are some of the most oft neglected riders in Western Europe. Despite having some cracking terrain in Sierra Nevada, as well as having a few indoor spots, there's not many riders that have broken out of the scene and onto the international spotlight. Queralt Castellet, is one of the few modern exceptions.

So, imagine how sick it is to see the teaser for 'Desertion' from a stacked roster of Spaniards! It's got Iker Fernandez in!

Also featuring Eduardo Vicente, Pablo Infantes, Bryan Longley, Oscar Valencia, Carlos Hernandez and a few other guests, friends and legends -this looks like it's going to be all-time.

In their own words "...a handful of our favourite riders in order to create a compilation of diverse snowboarding."

Well hell yeah to THAT. The Spanners have got it on point for another season...