RAD Movie Production's new movie is dedicated to "CIRCUM VOLUTION" - which is the fancy word for the art of turning around the central axis.

... riding pow, taking off, rotating and back to pow. That's probably a widely shared daydream.

The turning around part in the air - is the main challenge here, and highly central to that whole thing, whether you turn one, two, three or even four times around yourself.

Snowboarders aim to find their own axis and constantly develop their own style and charisma of turning around their axis. This simple and most important idea of turning around, inspired RAD Movie Production for the third project "CIRCUM VOLUTION" dropping in full length very soon.

>>>>>Grab a beer and enjoy the Trailer.

STARRING: William Arnold, Yannick Imboden, Pierre Clivaz, Jonas Zbinden, Roberto Zumstein, Ariana Bellwald, Tim Basler, Markus Stoffel, Valentin Zimmermann, Matthias Schwestermann, Jannick Jungo and Friends

EDITOR: Janis Perren