Capita are back with another mini-teaser for their new Defenders of Awesome 2 - STAY BAD ASS movie. This week, it's the turn of French Canadian urban powerhouse Phil Jacques.

Man, Capita are sure making it harder for us to forget about winter for a couple of months until the season kicks off again. Their latest weekly teaser for Defenders of Awesome 2 has just dropped, featuring a few trick leaks from Phil Jacques' part.

From a rail hit in what appears to be a graveyard, to a miller flip on a rail, to a 50-50 on a pretty high consequence kink rail, to a textbook backflip pretzel in the evening light, this one got us sufficiently frothing for the full flick.

If we learnt anything from these trick leaks, it's that Capita have logged a huge amount of footage for this movie and it's going to good quality stuff at that. They'd hardly release all of the bangers before the movie drops would they?

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