Mike Rav is the latest rider to receive the one-trick tease treatment in the run up to Capita's second team movie, Defenders Of Awesome 2.

Mike Rav has been capturing the attention of snowboarders around the globe with his knack for a creative lines, quirky never seen before tricks and a whole bunch of hand drags for quite a while now.

And whatever you make of his not-so-serious approach to snowboarding, it's worth remembering that when Rav turns it on he can bust out the hammers in the streets with the best of them. This one-trick tease and this single wallride shot is one such example!

Fence pop over and a super clean wallride front 1 at a nice looking spot. Expect loads more buttery riding and out-of-the-ordinary lines in the streets in Mike's part in Defenders of Awesome 2. Get hyped for the full movie by re-watching the official teaser right here.

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