Kapow! Check out this extra bad ass mini-teaser for Kazuhiro Kokubo's section in the new Capita team movie Defenders of Awesome 2.

Kazuhiro Kobubo is one of the most exciting snowboarders to watch on the planet, period. It was only fitting then for Capita to leak some of his footage in the first rider-specific teaser to drop for the movie.

And in true 'lets milk the internet for all its worth' style, Capita will be dropping these rider by rider teasers for their new movie every Tuesday until the world premiere on the 9/13/14. But don't think that we're complaining. Far from it actually. The Capita team is one of the most exciting to watch in snowboarding and we'll be frothing for every new glimpse of footage from it.

Stay tuned and, oh yeah, stay bad ass...

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