Take a look at Jess Kimura aka Danger Pony's trick leak from Defenders of Awesome 2!

We're getting closer and closer to the premiere of Capita's brand new team movie Defenders of Awesome 2 and the latest trick leak comes courtesy of the one and only Jess Kimura.

Jess has been dropped some of the heaviest female street parts in recent memory and judging by the few tricks in this teaser: a 50-50 front 3 off a bridge feature, a huge backcountry frontside 7 and a gnarly gap in the streets, it's looking like her latest one will be no exception.

Granted, we were expecting Scott Stevens this week, but we're more than happy to settle with Jess: she's one of the hardest working, dedicated women in the game and we're super pumped to watch her full part.

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