Check out Dustin Craven's trick leak from the new Capita movie Defenders of Awesome 2 - Stay Bad Ass. Dustin sends it in the backcountry!

We just saw the new Capita movie last weekend and can vouch that it is certified Bad Ass. Dustin's part is stacked with some serious hammers in the backcountry and this one minute tease is a mere snippet of what you'll get in his full part.

From powerful cab 9s, to surfy slashes and pillow squashing in the trees, Dustin is no stranger to going hard and along with Kazu's part will be holding the fort for the backcountry rippers in a sea of more urban-focused riders.

Be sure to catch the movie at a premiere near you, the whole thing is beyond insane!

Only one more of these trick teases left, can you guess who it'll be yet?

Click below for all of the Defenders of Awesome 2 teasers released so far: