BYNDxMDLS is BACK with Kevin Backstrom, Tor Lundstrom and their motley crew of amigos cutting loose across the mountains of the planet. Check the teaser, and stay tuned for the full Japan/Laax edit dropping later this week...

In the first episode of the new BYNDxMDLS season we see Tor and Kevin arrive in Laax, Switzerland where they’ve decided to spend most of the season together with new filmer/editor Markus and BYNDxMDLS suit, Oscar.

At first, conditions weren’t looking that great with almost no snow in the Alps. Yet still, the Laax park crew were able to keep the park on point so that the boys could start of the season with some knuckle surfing together with old time friend Ulrik Badertscher and Sebbe De Buck.

After a few sunny days of park shredding the boys head over to Japan along with their swiss homies Max Buri and David Djite in search for some deep snow.

With some guidance from local shredder Yusaku Horii they finally found what they were looking for, on the volcano ridges of Asahi-dake.