The Big B have just dropped the ever-so-teasing teaser for the second of their four-part online team movie [SNOWBOARDING] focusing on urban riding.

The upcoming [STREET] section is all set to drop this Friday and will feature the riding of Burton's street stalwarts Jeremy Jones, Zak Hale, Mark Sollors, and Ethan Deiss. You may recognise some of Jeremy's and Ethan's shots from their X Games Real Snow parts that were out earlier this year, but if the recent [BACKCOUNTRY] part is anything to go by, we know they'll have saved up a ton more for their own movie.

Judging by the huge wallrides, redirects and gaps to rails in the teaser, it's pretty clear that this part is going to be heavy and we're hyped for this to drop in just over four days time. As always, you'll be able to watch it right here on!